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Man Cannot Rule Himself Successfully

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Anmeldungsdatum: 19.01.2018
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BeitragVerfasst am: Fr 30.März.2018 03:13    Titel: Man Cannot Rule Himself Successfully

It seems like the only way dictators leave office is in a coffin. For example, North Korean Kim Jong-il, Libyan Leader Gaddaffi, Albanian Leader Enver Hoxha, and Hitler.

"TODAY'S world, whether we like it or not Wholesale Cigarettes For Sale, is a product of Hitler Cigarettes Online Usa Only," claims literary prizewinner and journalist Sebastian Haffner. president Truman was sent a secret message reading: "Babies satisfactorily born."

So the atom-bomb blast that ended World War II in 1945 was most surely 'the blast heard round the world Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online.'

The atom bomb launched nations, large and small, into an unprecedented military buildup, forcing them to spend money that could have been used to feed and educate their needy Wholesale Usa Cigarettes. This military buildup has fostered the policy of preserving peace by a balance of terror. Does that sound like peace?

In 1945 people in Europe and Asia were in trouble. The US launched the Marshall Plan that was costly, but effective.

Economic recovery was amazing. The defeated nations received modern machinery while the victor nations had old equipment. The defeated nations overtook their victorious neighbors. Germany started recovering in the 1950's and a decade later Japan started its building program that helped it to conquer the world commercially.

The world was moving toward prosperity greater than before the Great Depression.

That prosperity came at a price. More and more mothers took work outside the home, oftentimes neglecting their children. More time for recreation, not always wholesome Cigarettes For Sale Wholesale. TV watching replaced family communication. Divorce started to rise. The Stockholm syndrome increased, that is couples living together without being married. The trend was toward emphasis on personal interest. Spiritual and moral values, disrupted by the war, plummeted and eroded.
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